Motherhood Session | Hood River, OR | Kate + Evie

January 1, 2022

This Hood River motherhood session was tender and vulnerable and I’ve come to realize that if I could photograph these kind of session weekly, I’d be eternally happy. Being an “auntie”, and witnessing Kate become an incredible mom is often too much for my heart to handle, and photographing them in this phase of life has made me realize how much more family work I’d like to take on in 2022. Also, if the love between these two is just a morsel of a motherhood, count me in.

I really want to share Kate’s eloquent words about Evie because they brought me to tears and I feel like they address feelings that so many mother experience:

“I’ve never been so amazed and bewildered by how little I know but how much I feel, deep in my bones. I’ve never cried harder but been more happy. I’ve never simultaneously loved being needed and depended upon so much and been irritated by it. I’ve never been so amazed and so frustrated by my own bodies capabilities. I’ve never been so excited to help a baby grow and develop and also want to squeeze her so hard she never gets bigger. I’ve never doubted my decisions but trusted my gut more.

But the one feeling that has no counterpart is how fiercely and intensely I’ve fallen in love with this little lady and the family she has made us.”

Kate’s words really moved me. As someone who wants to have children, I can try to imagine the weight and responsibility of being a parent, that is coupled with so much emotion and joy. Being invited into people’s homes and having the chance to capture such intimate and sacred moments feels like I gift. It’s moving and really quite an honor.

If you are a mother and feel especially drawn to this style of imagery, I’d love the chance to connect and chat more. I realize how personal and vulnerable it is to share such intimate moments with a third party, but I really do take great pride in creating a personal and thoughtful experience. Getting to know you and creating a safe space is my top priority.

I’ll end with Kate’s words that I recieved after delivering these images. They are simple but I know they carry great weight.

“I will cherish these my whole life. So grateful.”

In the end, all that I care about is creating imagery that will be cherished by my clients. Cherished imagery signifies gratitude for memories that are a captured in a way that allows my subjects to be seen, really seen. And in the end, that’s all I care about.

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