Most clients feel this way initially, as being in front of the camera isn't familiar. With a little direction and encouragement, paired with the connection you and your partner share, you'll be surprised at how enjoyable photos can be.

Read more about client experience on  google reviews and via the 'REVIEWS' page, to get a sense of my approach on a wedding day.

we are camera shy...

I require a 50% reservation fee + a signed contract to officially reserve your date.  I book on a first come, first serve basis, booking up to 18 months in advance.

How do we reserve our wedding or session date?

I've had the opportunity to photograph couples internationally and all over the United States. Ireland might have been my favorite international booking.....

After the birth of my daughter in the spring of 2023, I've chosen local work over destination bookings, and will continue to limit destination bookings so that I can better serve my local clientele and set aside time to relax with my family.

With that said, if you are planning a destination wedding outside of the Oregon/Washington area, don't hesitate to reach out and convince me otherwise :)

Do you travel for work?

4-8 weeks for portrait sessions (a minimum of 40 images). 6-12 weeks for weddings (a minimum of 400 images). I carefully, hand edit each image and work on each wedding/session in chronological order.

how quickly do we receive our images?

How long have you been PHOTOGRAPHING weddings?

I've been photographing weddings for over a decade. I've had the honor of capturing over 200 nuptials and counting.

Tell us more about film.

I learned on film, back in 2004 and naturally transitioned to digital as a result of cost and accessibility. With that said, lately there has been an intriguing shift in the industry as people learn to recognize and value film again.

In the last couple of years, I've found joy in weaving this nostalgic and timeless medium back into my work. People have mistaken my digital work for film in the past, so that gave me an extra push to re-explore film again. I now deliver a hybrid gallery to wedding clients and exclusively shoot film for my family clients.

I work with 35mm, medium format and polaroid cameras. 

can you provide us with investment details?

Weddings begin at $6,350 for 6 hours of coverage
Elopements begin at $2,050 for 2 hours of coverage

Film focused coverage is not limited to a specific number of film rolls. 35mm & medium format film, as well as digital coverage is included in all wedding packages. 

Interested in less than 6 hours of coverage, or a weekday wedding? Packages can be tailored to each clients needs, so don't shy away from reaching out if you enjoy my work. Reach out via the 'INQUIRE' page for a more extensive investment guide and let's see what we can make work for you!

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