I am originally from Seattle, but my fiancé and I moved to Portland in the summer of 2018 to try out a new city. We recently purchased our first home in Kenton (November 2020) and adopted our first pup, Tony from South Korea (February 2021). It's been a city of big milestones and I am so happy to be here.

In my free time you can find me making a mess in the kitchen, testing out a new recipe for my cookbook, or hiking anywhere in the PNW with friends. I live for rainy days over the heat, enjoy lighter beers more and more as I age (HA! 31 going on 32) and have a deep obsession with dogs, especially our own who is a 45 pound brindle babe.

I am the kinda person that will go to three different grocery stores to curate my meals for the week. I oddly enjoy grocery stores and meal prep, especially Trader Joes (my home away from home!) I am the ultimate minimalist and am 100 percent happy having less clutter, as it seems to give me more mental space to live life to the fullest. I cherish the few items I have and this lifestyle has recently led me to start another business venture called The PDX Organizer.

I'm part introvert - I enjoy spending quiet time alone - reading, cleaning, reflecting, cooking, spending time with Evan (my dude). But when I'm working I have a lot to say and allow a more extroverted side of me to come out. I love to make my couples feel comfortable by giving lots of direction and encouragement but also know when it's appropriate to take a step back and let moments unfold naturally.

I'm the ultimate empath; I feel all the feels and hold back tears at every wedding I shoot. I enjoy traveling but miss my man when I'm gone and hope to book more local weddings in Portland for 2021/2022! If you've read this far, you're a rockstar. I'm so excited you're taking the time to learn about me and can't wait to connect and learn more about you.

I get choked up listening to Macklemore songs or watching YouTube videos of military homecomings. I'm someone who feels human connection deeply and I care about the people that surround me, including clients, loved ones and dear friends. I'm the kind of person that makes friends with an 80 year old woman at Trader Joes, (after talking about which hummus to buy for 15 minutes), and if you check back weeks later, I've most likely joined her book club or knitting group. I let people in when I'm driving and smile at strangers passing by on the street. I am Alexandra Celia, a gal with a big heart and I'd like to think that shows in the work that I do with couples and families. 

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