about Alexandra

I've been in love with my other half for 13 years. We live a pretty normal life, in a quaint home in North Portland with our dog, Tony and our daughter Charlotte, who we welcomed in the Spring of 2023. On days where I'm not working you can find me making a mess in the kitchen, testing out new recipes or getting lost in books. The introverted side of me enjoys evenings cozied up by our wood burning fireplace and trips to the coast or our family beach house at Hood Canal. The extroverted side of me comes out in my work, as I'm energized by capturing new families and couples in love.

I enjoy traveling and have been to 19 countries. I like the feeling of being lost in a new place, learning about new cultures and trying all sorts of ethnic street food. I also love being home; tending to my garden, working on home projects and spending time with our dog, laying in the grass. I think life is a balance of big adventures and little moments; both hold equal value.

I'm a huge empath, and feel moved by connection and friendship. I believe the most important aspect of being a great photographer is getting to know the people in front of my lens; genuine imagery will always be sourced from vulnerability and trust.

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