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Hello. I'm Alexandra celia.

Portland, oregon based wedding and elopement photographer

With over 10+ years of experience in this heartwarming career as a wedding and elopement photographer, I've found a unique style of capturing love. I'm fueled by imperfect and real moments that are tender, genuine, and romantic. I am inspired by movement, light and the intricacies of storytelling that vary drastically from one wedding to the next. The final product is always specific to my couples, and is full of variety and palpable moments frozen in time; moments that bring you back into the magic of your day.

When it comes to my clients, I believe in inclusivity; no matter what your wedding day looks like or how you choose to celebrate, every relationship is unique and beautiful. I would describe myself as laid back, silly and helpful on a wedding day, finding joy in fostering relationships with you and your loved ones. I take on a fairly balanced role of both a director, offering guidance and encouragement when it's needed, and a storyteller, capturing the more fluid moments of the day inconspicuously.

Portland, Oregon is my home and I have had the fortune of photographing love all over this beautiful state. With that said, I do take on a limited amount of destination weddings a year, so don't hesitate to reach out if you live outside of the Oregon/Washington area.

Jane + Scott
Arch cape elopement on the oregon coast

Kou + riley
Lovers tennis editorial in portland

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"I found Alexandra's Instagram a few years ago before getting engaged/married was even on my radar, and then following her account over the years, I knew that she was the photographer who I would work with someday. I fell in love with her clean, beautiful edits that seemed to capture the essence of the moments she was documenting. Stylistically, I particularly loved her black and white photos-- to me they are very romantic, classic and elegant.

Once finally engaged, we began communicating with Alexandra and she took the time to really get to know me and my fiancé. She helped create a personalized engagement and wedding photography package that was realistic for our timeline, locations, and budget. Through every step of the process, communicating with her was so easy; like talking to a friend who was genuinely interested and excited to be a part of this time in our lives. Anytime I had questions, she was very responsive through text or email. We had multiple phone/FaceTime planning sessions that helped me feel prepared and taken care of.

Though my fiancé and I had never done a professional shoot together, Alexandra was able to get us out of our comfort zones and into the moment. Having the engagement shoot as a "warm-up" for being in front of the camera on our wedding day was incredibly helpful.

Finally on the wedding day, our family and friends had nothing but praise for Alexandra. She felt like another friend on our guest list to us. When we received our gallery we were absolutely blown away. She captured the feeling of the day precisely including our joy and our guests' joy, which was so incredibly important to us. We wanted to be able to look at our photos and feel transported back to that day, and she was beyond successful. If you book with Alexandra, you won't have any regrets."

CHLOE + kyle | whidbey island wedding | Washington

reviews from couples like you; looking to be
seen and photographed genuiNEly.

"Alexandra is talented on so many levels. She has a unique and creative perspective and is always able to find inspiration in where and who she is shooting. She also brings such an emotional component to her work. She sees the best in everyone in the most genuine way and is an expert in bringing out her subjects spirit.

My husband and I were nervous and initially felt awkward, but she quickly put us at ease with her goofy, compassionate, confident charm.

And then we got our photos back…. She put so much love into every edit. I still look through them and my heart beats a little faster, because she captured the essence of our day so perfectly, but also you can tell she put so much love into her work and it felt so comforting.

Couldn’t recommend this amazing artist, empath, visionary more. We love you Alex!"

allie + Ben | fireseed wedding on whidbey | Washington

"Working with Alexandra on my engagement photos was so darn fun and easy! She was quick to respond to my emails, flexible, and enthusiastic in scheduling our photo session, (which meant she was also super flexible in traveling to our unconventional location). On the day of the shoot she put my partner and I at ease, she was easygoing and supportive as we got used to being in front of the camera. We cracked open a beer, goofed off, and when it rained - she was so light-hearted and positive as we continued to take amazing shots and all got drenched!

When we saw the final images a couple weeks later, I was blown away by her photographic eye. The pictures told a beautiful and romantic story, she really put attention into the details of each and every photograph."

tylie + Maurizio | bainbridge engagement | washington


"What drew me into Alexandra's work initially was how her photos embody such authentic emotion. Rather than a staged photo, you get this amazing work of art, that also represents one of the most special moments in your life. So many guests at our wedding told us how much they loved getting to know her, and raved about the beautiful photos she took at our Cathedral Park wedding in Portland.

Sharing your day with her feels like sharing it with family. I honestly can’t imagine our wedding without her."

Ali + Adam | cathedral park wedding | Portland, OR

"Where do we begin? Alexandra showed up for us in countless ways leading up to our wedding in Portland, Oregon. First, as two people that don't like having their photo taken, she made it fun and silly and made us feel comfortable just being our weird, awkward selves. Then somehow she turned that into beautiful art that we will cherish forever.

Alexandra's edit is crisp and clean and allows the real joy of the day to shine through. She understands that a wedding is a culmination of so many people and experiences, and does her best to capture ALL OF THAT for you.

We shifted our wedding plans due to COVID and she helped create a timeline for our small intimate ceremony and was flexible in helping us set up two packages for both the ceremony and postponed reception at The Evergreen. We truly can't say enough about how much we love her energy, care, and photos. Wedding photos are an important investment and with Alexandra you will receive images that you will cherish forever and even a friend out of the deal. HIRE HER; you will not regret it for one second."

Abbey + Ryan | The evergreen Wedding | Portland, OR

Castaway | portland

jupiter hotel | Portland

God's Thumb | oregon

Columbia gorge | oregon

Government Cove | Oregon





Couples session

Cathedral park | Portland


This Castaway wedding mixes the beauty of Hoyt Arboretum with the urban vibes of the city. Portland is kinda magical like that; you can be in the midst of a dense forest one minute and the next minute surrounded by intertwined bridges and tall buildings.

Chelsea and Tim drove down to Portland for a weekend getaway and met me in Lincoln City, committed to making the trek up to God’s Thumb in their wedding attire. We slowly made our way to the peak of the hillside, surrounding ourselves with the most epic views and popped some champagne to celebrate.

We had to reschedule this Columbia Gorge session at least 3 times due to weather; wind, rain, smoke, + fires, but it kinda feels like every reschedule was leading us to this day and this season. The drastic swing of light from start to finish was some of the richest light I’ve ever played with, leading to so much goodness.

This Jupiter Hotel elopement in Portland was inspired by minimalism. In covid times, people are downsizing for the sake of safety. Couples are also minimizing the wedding fluff (i.e. anything that doesn’t bring joy to their day). This has often been the result of more limited budgets and even more so, the realization that love is really the only thing required to celebrate your nuptials.

This Cathedral Park wedding holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. First of all, I find myself lucking out again, by landing a really sweet couple like Ali and Adam. Good people is what makes this job worthwhile and this day felt like spending the day with family. Second, this location is both humble and grand. 

Government Cove is a personal favorite because of its vast topography. It is also unique in the sense that particular part of the Columbia Gorge remind me of Ireland, with emerald green moss and large unkept rock formations. The location feels overgrown and wild, which is always conducive to organic imagery.

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I absolutely love that I have a job, that makes me excited to return to work after a vacation.

My name is Alexandra but it's ok to call me Alex! My father-in-law calls me Alibaba, so the nickname front is a free-for-all. A few tidbits about me, that you might enjoy or find interesting: I love living in Portland because I can't imagine a world without seasons. I don't mind the grey and the rain but also welcome the sun, when spring rolls around. I have a deep obsession with my dog Tony. You think you're obsessed with your pet, until you've meet me. On a day to day basis, I enjoy my alone time and hanging out in smaller groups of friends, but my husband jokes that I will strike up conversation with any stranger if I get the chance.

I lost my dad to Pancreatic Cancer in 2008, just after I had turned 19. My dad was sensitive and kind, enjoyed gardening and working with his hands and I miss him every day. I'm married to a sweet man and my favorite moments shared with him are the simple ones, like rocking out on the kitchen floor to music while dinner is cooking or reading our books by our wood burning fireplace in the evening. One of my favorite places in Oregon is the Oregon Coast, oddly enough in the winter. I love walking along the beach when it's misty and calm. I am not entirely fluent in Spanish, but I speak enough to get by and practice frequently. I love colored beanies but usually wear all black.

I love my job as a wedding photographer so much, and still tear up every time I book a wedding. 

Some fun tidbits about me.