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Lovers in the gorge

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God's thumb elopement

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I'm here for you.

wedding photographer based in portland, Oregon

Hey you! My name is Alexandra Celia, and I'm a wedding photographer based in Portland, Oregon. I'm friendly, resourceful, and silly. I live for the thrill and vulnerability of photographing couples in love and have been lucky to be fully invested in this heartwarming career for just over eight years now.

 Right off the bat, I want you to know that no matter what your wedding day looks like or how you choose to celebrate, I'm here for it. I'm a believer that every story and every relationship is intriguing, unique, and beautiful and that alone is worth celebrating. 

Wedding days can look different for everyone and I think that's what makes this job so neat. Each couple and the experiences we share are new and meaningful in their own way. If you want to ditch the long dress and get married on the Oregon coast I'm here for it. If you are eager to forgo expensive details and age-old traditions, count me in. The truth is, whether you are getting married in your backyard with friends and family, eloping in the gorge privately, foraging for your own bouquet, or walking down the aisle with your grandma, I'm excited and honored to photograph you and your story no matter what. There is no right way to celebrate and all my couples are dear to me.

I also live to make the photo process enjoyable. I ease nerves by talking you through movements and am not scared to speak up and give direction. I also know when to back off, and let moments unfold naturally. I'm here for you emotionally, logistically and as a friend. I can't wait to connect soon!