Wapato Park Anniversary Session | Tacoma, WA | Meghan + Eric

December 28, 2021

Anniversary photos may be my new favorite thing. For this Wapato Park Anniversary session we actually started in Meghan + Eric’s beautiful Tacoma craftsman with their pup and two cats. After receiving Meghan’s initial email, I knew I had to capture these two in a unique way, starting in their space.

“I really don’t have a vision for this—just want your incredible eye to capture us as we are at this point in time.”

Anyone can capture the love shared between two people, but I knew I wanted the essence of the life they had built with their animals, to shine through in their images. I knew the place they nested and shared daily rituals was equally as important as venturing out of the house in their VW camper. After touring each room in the house, and finding ample light, I asked these two to just enjoy their home as if I wasn’t there. They pulled out a record, turned on Leon Bridges, played cribbage and built a fire. I let them do their thing, only occasionally intercepting to ask Meghan where the heck she found her record player, ok and maybe her rug, coat hanger and a few other things. She has really good taste and so many healthy plants (HA!). I was intrigued and by the end of their session I had a list of items to purchase and had asked Meghan for her help with decorating my own home.

Finally, in the peak of the afternoon downpour, we took Goldie (their VW camper) to Wapato Park. They frequent this place with their dog Bennie, so it felt fitting. The fall colors were wild, and we got absolutely drenched, ending our session with these two cozied up in their camper.

I don’t think there could have been a better way to document these two in this stage of life. Celebrating 3 years of marriage with photos is the best. I already know how we’ll be celebrating our one year in August.

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  1. Meghan says:

    Best photographer! Thank you for capturing us exactly as we are—I love how you saw our little world. These are treasures that we’ll cherish for a long, long time.