God’s Thumb Elopement | Lincoln City, OR | Chelsea + Tim

November 17, 2020

Chelsea and Tim originally booked me for their intimate wedding at Beau Lodge, but with Washington state shut downs and restrictions due to Covid, they had to change up their plans.

They drove down to Portland for a weekend getaway and met me in Lincoln City, committed to making the trek up to God’s Thumb in their wedding attire. We slowly made our way to the peak of the hillside, surrounding ourselves with the most epic views and popped some champagne to celebrate.

This God’s Thumb Elopement might be a new favorite. I always tell couples that shooting in a place with lots of ground to cover and ever-changing elements naturally leads to a dynamic session, but more than the location, these two sweet humans were easy to be around, making my job effortless. The best weddings and sessions are the ones where conversation is fluid, and you just immediately feel comfortable and at ease. Chelsea and Tim are warm, thoughtful and funny. They also share a pretty powerful connection, as you can see in these images. A lot of the most beautiful moments they share were not directed or posed, aside from words of encouragement (aka me shouting OH HECK YES) it was all them.

A week or so after I returned home from our trip to God’s Thumb, I received a package in the mail. Tim and Chelsea and had sent me a refurbished Kodak Carousel Slide Projector and the cutest hand made card. I practically dropped the boxing while unwrapping my gift because I was so excited, and then yes, empath me shed maybe a tear? Tim had remembered a side conversation, where I mentioned that I had all these old slides with images of my grandparents and family. I think I must have explained how they were so dear to me, but that I needed to get them converted or purchase something to view them on. I was so taken back by this act of kindness, and reminded how truly fulfilling this job is. I am constantly meeting new people, and often times I am left not only with a full heart, but new friends and unexpected cards/gifts.

Congrats Chelsea and Tim! You are such rockstars for driving to Portland and supporting me and my business, even in rough covid times, when our plans are constantly evolving. Wishing you all the happiness 🙂

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  1. Rachel says:

    I’m Tim’s sister but due to Covid I wasn’t able to travel from NZ to attend the wedding in person so it’s really nice to see these :).

    Lovely pictures and a perfect location. It looks so much like New Zealand too!

    • amason says:


      So sorry you weren’t able to make it. These two are the sweetest 🙂 Glad you enjoy the pics and happy holidays to you!