Sole Repair Shop Wedding| Seattle, WA | Brittni + Brian

January 19, 2018

Brittni and Brian chose to celebrate their nuptials by doing an intimate ceremony at Volunteer Park Conservatory, followed by a big celebration at Sole Repair Shop in Capitol Hill.

I knew when I booked these two, that this day was going to be good. Brittni and Brian have phenomenal taste, warm hearts and the ability to keep a dance party going all night long.

Side note: If you want to see me cry, keep scrolling.

And then someone took my camera, moments after Brian pulled me aside and gave me some sweet compliment along the lines of:

“When we saw your work we just knew it was different and we knew we wanted that for our wedding day. Having you as our photographer was like spending the day with a friend. You did so many things for us that you didn’t have to do.”

Yes I wrote this down when I was tipsy off of a couple Moscow Mules, the minute I got home. So…the last three pics of me are tearful, sandwiched between Brittni and her sis Dayna. You know it’s a good wedding, an incredible couple and a meaningful experience if I leave in tears. I’m an empath guys. No shame here.

Dress: Houghton NYC

Dress Boutique: The Dress Theory

Makeup: Chelsey Matley

Hair: Off White Makeup and Beauty

Venue: Sole Repair Shop

Design & Flowers: Ali Dahlson

Calligraphy: Lisa Straube

Ring: Kathryn Elyse Jewelry

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