The kinda sessions that leave you feeling real good. Can hardly wait to document their nuptials this fall.

Jennie & Jesse. Talented artists and humble souls. These two drove all the way from Eastern Washington to do a session with me. A full day of driving, pleasant conversation, a pit stop for lunch and beers, and then a failed attempt to catch a ferry to Friday Harbor. Regardless, these two made things easy […]

When Brooke said her and her man wanted to come to Seattle to do a session I thought, what? with me? I’ve been following this lady’s work forever and she and her husband are incredibly talented wedding photographers in Georgia. It’s always a bit nerveracking meeting and photographing people in the creative field but I […]

Today, there was a moment when we stood together in the wind and the onset of the winter, and far off, a blue mountain of cloud shimmered in the morning air, and I looked at you and saw you’re as much part of the real world as these things, and I’ve never asked them why […]