Rowena Crest Engagement Session | Portland, OR | Tori + Kyle

Rowena Crest Engagement Session | Portland, OR | Tori + Kyle

March 11, 2020

I always encourage couples to bring their pups along to engagement sessions, especially if they are ok being off leash. Tori, Kyle, Penny and Maui ran around Rowena Crest until well after sunset and it created such a playful dynamic for their photos.

Sessions like this remind me of the importance of what I do, which is capturing couples in a genuine and honest way. Tori and Kyle showed up in comfortable clothes, ready to enjoy their surrounding with their family of four. I picked up immediately that these two were playful, kind, and gentle with one another so I chose to encourage brisk walks and lots of movement, while simultaneously playing with sun flares.

When I arrived back at home, I had mud on my jeans from rolling around in the grass and my head hurt from smiling so hard. I love the people this job brings into my life and when I started culling through what we had created together, I thought to myself, “damn, now this is why we shoot at golden hour.” Every image became increasingly more beautiful as the sun approached the horizon.

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