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Reasons why engagement photos are awesome!

ONE. They are a chance to build a connection with your wedding photographer!

From the beginning of my career, I've always been a very vocal photographer and I think it's a result of feeling awkward in front of the camera without guidance. I've found that, similar to myself, people usually aren't in tune with how to pose and move at ease. Most couples need some extra love and vocal support, which is totally normally considering most of us haven't been in front of the camera since senior high school photos. 

I talk a lot, give you actions to carry out and am constantly shouting words of affirmation, like "you're killing it!" Because the truth is, you are. If you show up and try, your vulnerable self is worthy of so much praise.

TWO. They are a completely different vibe than wedding photos.

The mood of an engagement session, in comparison to wedding photos, is so different. Often, engagement sessions are more laid back and lack the need to stick a particular timeline. You are in clothes that allow you to move more freely, which results in a different look and feel + you get the chance to celebrate being engaged!

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