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View my Wedding work

I offer my whole heart leading up to your wedding and on your wedding day. I write timelines, connect you with vendors, do venue walkthroughs, location scouting, phone meetings....whatever you need. 

My shooting style is lifestyle, meaning organic, candid and real. I try to avoid stagnant poses. I document the moments through the movement and conversation that you and your lover share. I'm vocal during first look, portraits and family photos - giving you actions to carry out, and offering guidance and encouragement so you can just relax and enjoy every minute of your day. During dancing, your ceremony, and moments that unfold more naturally, I allow my joy for storytelling take over, circling the room capturing intimate moments between you and your loved so that every smell, hug, taste and sound lingers on well beyond your lifetime through images.

In the end, I'm always catering to my clients. If they seem to naturally fall into more editorial poses them I roll with that. If they enjoy being silly, I honor that while occasionally getting them to slow down and rock something slightly more vogue. If it doesn't feel like them, I don't do it.

I live to create art. I don't have one standard shot that I do at a wedding, my couples are my muse and inspire something different every time. I have a more minimal and timeless edit, don't over desaturate color, and enjoy subtle warm shadows. I always want to capture how it feels and create the kind of images that are specific to you and your lover, and your wedding alone.

wedding Photography

View my family work

I can meet you at a park and shoot for just an hour. That's definitely an option if you are uninterested in shooting for an extended period of time. But to be 100 percent transparent, most of the family sessions you see here are a result of families giving me a good chunk of their time. You can find me eating dinner with families, spending the first 30 minutes of our sessions just getting to know one another, rolling on the ground with the kids, feeding their chickens, making art with them.

Family dynamics are so unique and so sacred that sometimes I have to be invited in on a deeper level for a chance to really capture the true essence of a family. Family photos can be an actual experience, or maybe an actual day in the life of and I'm just there, partaking in their day, camera by my side, waiting for moments to unfold naturally.

The reason these sessions work so well is because it takes the pressure off the kids to perform. No matter the age, I never really experience temper tantrums. Kids enjoy having a new guest there to play, and once they've had a chance to relax and get into their element, they forget why I am really there.

That's when the magic happens!

family photography