The kinda sessions that leave you feeling real good. Can hardly wait to document their nuptials this fall.

Jennie & Jesse. Talented artists and humble souls. These two drove all the way from Eastern Washington to do a session with me. A full day of driving, pleasant conversation, a pit stop for lunch and beers, and then a failed attempt to catch a ferry to Friday Harbor. Regardless, these two made things easy […]

When Brooke said her and her man wanted to come to Seattle to do a session I thought, what? with me? I’ve been following this lady’s work forever and she and her husband are incredibly talented wedding photographers in Georgia. It’s always a bit nerveracking meeting and photographing people in the creative field but I […]

Some people think we have nasty winters and insist on staying inside when the weather is crummy, and honestly I can say I use to agree… Ever since¬†Chelcy and Levi were down to make the trek up Rattlesnake Ridge regardless of a downpour, I fell in love with taking photos in the rain. This sort […]

Seattle is my favorite because of the seasons. Yes, it’s chilly but I love the dramatic effect of the wind and rain and these two embraced every minute of it. Mariah and Trev, and their Discovery Park engagement sesh is on the blog friends.

Today, there was a moment when we stood together in the wind and the onset of the winter, and far off, a blue mountain of cloud shimmered in the morning air, and I looked at you and saw you’re as much part of the real world as these things, and I’ve never asked them why […]