South Carolina Family Session Pt 2. | The Hildebrands

March 21, 2019

Part II. It’s been almost three month and I’m still dreaming about my time spent with the Hildebrands. The days leading up to our session, Kimmy had mentioned that they would feel most themselves playing in the sand in Charleston. I couldn’t help but throw out options like the College of Charleston (hello the Notebook) […]


South Carolina Family Session Pt. 1 | The Hildebrands

February 6, 2019

I spent two days in South Carolina this past December with the Hildebrands, documenting little rituals like bath time, and capturing their visit to Sullivan’s Island, a beach they frequent on sunny days. But even before taking photos, I ate with them, I sat with them, I talked to them about their lives. I walked […]


Wit Family | in home summer family session in west seattle

November 9, 2017

The character of a family is captured between moments of smiling at the camera. It’s beautiful chaos. It’s plucking ferns and waving them in your parents faces. It’s running through hallways in your undies, gathering around the table with your feet up, sharing a meal in the summer sun. It’s making a dog pile on […]


Hildebrand Family | summertime family session in north bend

July 9, 2017

I’m hoping this session brings more families my way. I would be happy spending more evenings with a crew who sings Adele in open fields. Or uses donuts to bribe a little one into remaining lively. Family sessions have a different dynamic but it’s one I really enjoy. Here’s to hopefully many more.


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