I’m hoping this session brings more families my way. I would be happy spending more evenings with a crew who sings Adele in open fields. Or uses donuts to bribe a little one into remaining lively. Family sessions have a different dynamic but it’s one I really enjoy. Here’s to hopefully many more.

The kinda sessions that leave you feeling real good. Can hardly wait to document their nuptials this fall.

Ladies! You and me, your dress, your veil, your accessories, in a field or in your home, slow paced with maybe even a glass of champagne, if you are up for it. Images are kept secret until after your wedding day. I may or may not have a new crush on Bridals, and Adrianna rocked my […]

Jennie & Jesse. Talented artists and humble souls. These two drove all the way from Eastern Washington to do a session with me. A full day of driving, pleasant conversation, a pit stop for lunch and beers, and then a failed attempt to catch a ferry to Friday Harbor. Regardless, these two made things easy […]

When Brooke said her and her man wanted to come to Seattle to do a session I thought, what? with me? I’ve been following this lady’s work forever and she and her husband are incredibly talented wedding photographers in Georgia. It’s always a bit nerveracking meeting and photographing people in the creative field but I […]

Sean and Casey celebrated with an intimate winter wedding. They danced together during the ceremony to a song originally written by Sean and sung by a friend and Casey’s son walked her down the aisle. New traditions make me happy and are a reminder of how important it is to make your day your own.

Some people think we have nasty winters and insist on staying inside when the weather is crummy, and honestly I can say I use to agree… Ever since Chelcy and Levi were down to make the trek up Rattlesnake Ridge regardless of a downpour, I fell in love with taking photos in the rain. This sort […]

Know this, and remember it when the nights get long or the days get short or the space between the minutes is stretched out and pulled tight between us:  Wherever we go, whatever we do, we will leave a trail behind us for the world to see.  We will burn white into the blue of […]

Jennae surprised Lee with vows recited in Korean. Many people cried, including me. An intimate ceremony on Maui with only 17 guests. I was given a seat at the dinner table and included in evening festivities. I was thanked and hugged more times than I can remember. I am moved by the beauty and kindness […]

Seattle is my favorite because of the seasons. Yes, it’s chilly but I love the dramatic effect of the wind and rain and these two embraced every minute of it. Mariah and Trev, and their Discovery Park engagement sesh is on the blog friends.